Kot Addu Flood Emergency Relief

In 2010, Pakistan was hit with devastating floods that not only destroyed crops but also ruined people’s lives. The area of Kot Addu, near Multan was the most effected, with people swimming across towns in order to save themselves. These people also lost their homes, had no food, and were prone to sickness. Seeing this, I quickly realized the need to help these people. Sitting in the USA, I planned and executed an extensive food drive where I arranged roti (bread), milk, water, rice, and many other food items along with eidi (gift money) for the flood victims. The food packets were distributed to over 1000 people in the Kot Addu District. Aged only 8 at that time, this project gave me vital experience on management, planning & execution and taught me things that became useful in my future projects

Kabirwala (Multan 2014) Stiched Cloth scheme

In 2013, I visited a school in the remote town of Kabirwala in Punjab where the school was outdoor, there was only 1 teacher and around 70 students. To make matters even worse, the students were wearing torn up dirty clothes due to the fact that some of them were orphans. I devised a plan in which I could help these needy children. I bought the cloth from the market and also got it stitched. It was then delivered to the orphan children and the smiles on their faces was picturesque. Over 50 children were helped in this project, and helped alleviate the lives of the children who were orphans by bringing a smile to their face

Khanewal New Uniform Distribution 2016-17

I visited this school in Khanewal where there were around 80 kids, mainly the children of farmers and labourers. When I saw their condition I was shocked. Most of them wore ripped clothes and had no shoes. Feeling for them, I decided that I would give each one of them clothing for their school. I got around 400 hundred meters of cloth ( roughly for 100 people) and gave it to each one of those children. Since there were so many of them, they had to wait in a line to recieve their brand new clothing. All of them were anxious to receive their clothes which they would wear everyday till they ripped. There was never a frown on any of their faces and smiles were spread all along the small little school. After all of them were finished, they all said 'Thank you', and gave me blessings for providing something that is essential in a day to day lifestyle. This project showed me that clothing is not a privelage for everyone, and we dont really care about it. But the people who do not have as much as us, care so much about a gift that has truely changed their lives

Sorajmiani Clothing Distribution (2016-17)

One day, I passed by the Sorajmiani area on my way to Multan. I saw that the houses were in horrid conditions. Their outsides littered with heaps of garbage and looked  as if painted 50 years ago. I thought to myself, that these people must be poor, that they cannot even maintain their houses. After finding out that Sorajmiani meant "A Sunshine Place', I got befuddled. How could I help these people into making their place into its true meaning. The first thing that came into my mind was to 'put a smile on the faces of others'. I thought what better way to make them smile then to give them something which is a privilege for the poor, clothing. I contacted the local leaders and arranged  brand new clothing for the orphans and the poor in that area.  Around 75 people turned up for the clothing, with the majority of them who had lost their fathers. The children, were puzzled, who would be kind enough to give THEM clothing. I told them that God has given me enough, and I intend on giving back to the community who does not have as much as I do. The children, were ultimetely happy, as the holiday of Eid was coming up, and they did not have any clothing for it. But overall, this taught me that people can be happy for a small number of reasons, but they can be sad very quickly. If you make them happy then it has lit up their world and changed the way they go about this world. Seeing these people, made my very happy that I have changed these sad and depressed people into happy and smiling people by just a little token gift of clothing as part of my scheme Libas-e-Pak